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One Mobile or Two?

As part of our technology series, we’re looking at different ways for you to keep your business life separate from your personal life. In this blog, we look at the question of whether you should live your life with one mobile device or two!

It is a consideration that I’m sure many of you have had over recent years – should you carry one mobile phone or two? Does your work even offer you the choice of a work mobile phone?

For those of you that spend your working lives on either the telephone, the Internet or using messaging services (and who doesn’t these days) it is a key question - a really important question and a really important consideration considering that it is the device that you look at before you sleep and the device that you probably look at first thing in the morning. On average, the British spend 2 hours and 34 minutes online on their mobile every day. Add to this the possibility that you probably have a laptop and an iPad, which you also spend time on, it does make sense to review your current needs.

Some interesting stats:

In 2020 (so far) there are 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world.

In 2019, 79% of UK adults own a smartphone.

Admittedly not all businesses offer a business device but it’s becoming more and more commonplace, especially as it allows businesses to manage and control their own data and that of their clients with greater ease and security.

But putting that to one side for a moment we thought that it would be interesting to set out the considerations for having one mobile or two. Which side do you fall on?

Benefits of two devices.

‘Leave it in a drawer’ mindset.

Not everyone wants to be connected to work all the time. Having two mobile devices allows for the separation of business and personal and enables you the option of just turning the business phone off (and sticking it in a drawer) when you’re at home or on holiday.

You choose when you are contactable.

Not as extreme as hiding the phone in the drawer but you do have the ability to turn off your phone off out of hours or put it on ‘do not disturb’ so you still are able to have personal time that is not interrupted. This is a good and effective way of separating both business and personal life.

Two numbers and two emails.

In the spirit of keeping the two separate, having two phone numbers and two email addresses usually ensures that there is no cross-pollination between your two worlds and this means that if the client calls or tries to get hold of you they won’t be calling you on your personal number or at the weekend or when you’re on holiday (because they don’t have it).

And if you have adopted options one or two above, this ensures a relaxing time away from work.

The ‘technical’ benefits of two mobiles.

If both devices are on different networks, it can often mean that you will always have a signal. Always handy!

If you are a bit techie minded (like most people are these days) then if each phone is a different make or operating system it is an opportunity to play around and experiment with them.

Better (more) battery life. There is nothing worse than having a flat mobile battery! At least if you have two devices, in theory, you have a better chance of having juice in one of the devices!

Benefits of one device.

The caveat here is that this ‘one device’ is likely to be a work mobile and you have decided to ditch your personal phone.

You only have one device to carry around.

Whilst phones are generally getting lighter, if you are lugging around two phones, a laptop and an iPad then your bag or bags are starting to get overly heavy. Having one phone usually means having one charger, one phone case and therefore a much lighter bag(s) or a better suit lining.

You are always contactable (not always a benefit).

It is harder to just turn your phone off if that is the only way people can contact you. But on the flip side, if you’re happy for clients to get hold of you at any hour then this is the way to go - you will always have your phone on you even if you’re at the beach and you’re cool with that!

One phone number (unless you make use of dual sims).

There is a lot to be said for having one number. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a personal or business call, whoever is calling (business or personal), they can get hold of you at any point and you’ll always pick up. Perfect for those clients that like constant contact!

Cost implications.

For some, the rationale for having one mobile device (which is owned by your employer) is nothing more than a financial one. Why pay a monthly mobile phone bill, when you can dump it and use the device provided for by work. Assuming your employer is happy for you to use the phone in this manner (and many are), then it makes quite a lot of sense. Presumably, the only additional cost is those pesky personal calls!

So, what are your thoughts? Do you have a preference? Do you get a choice? Do you care?

Please share any comments below.

This article was written by Peter Robertson for CarterJay Legal. Peter can be contacted on peter@carterjay.co.uk or 07834 436775. CarterJay Legal is a boutique legal recruitment agency based in London. They specialize in private practice roles with a large variety of law firms, catering for associates and partners.

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