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How Can You Influence the Culture of a Firm While Working Remotely?

Much of the business workforce has been working from home for the past year or so, and many employees are still struggling to adapt to their working-from-home environment.

While there are countless ways to boost your productivity and morale at home, there are also many ways to keep your firm’s culture alive while you’re working remotely.

Check out CarterJay Legal’s recommendations on how to improve your firm’s business culture while you’re working from the comfort of your abode.

Ways to Improve Business Culture During Work from Home

Keeping your firm’s culture alive while you’re working remotely is challenging, but it can be much easier with these tips:

Enforce a Work-Life Balance

Working in the legal field calls for unprecedented working hours.

Being a lawyer doesn’t typically mean that your day starts at 9am and ends at 5pm, but you can do your best to keep a set schedule where your personal and work life don’t intermix.

Set an alarm for the time that you plan to be off the clock and stick to it.

If you worked the number of hours that day that you needed to in order to get everything finished, don’t feel guilty about clocking out and not working during your personal time.

Have Weekly Team Meetings via Video Call

Whether or not your employer has weekly video calls with your team, you should make an effort to communicate with your coworkers as much as possible.

Having a weekly video call will have everyone on the same page to ensure that everyone’s role is on the right track.

Weekly video calls also keep you and your coworkers familiar with each other.

If you haven’t seen or spoken to some of your coworkers since the beginning of the pandemic, it might feel odd the next time you see them around the office in person (if that’s ever even an option again).

Be Transparent with Your Leaders

If you have children to accommodate during your workday, let your managers know and they’re likely going to be very understanding.

Especially during a pandemic, there are so many aspects that employers cannot control anymore, and they will appreciate your honesty.

Set Daily Challenges for Yourself

Maybe your managers set daily or weekly goals for you and your team while you were working in the office, or maybe not.

Either way, you should set daily goals for yourself in order to stay on track with your productivity.

This will enforce your company’s culture by staying as efficient and adaptive as you can, even during challenging times.

Replicate Your Work Office at Home

While you likely cannot make your home look and feel exactly like your office, you can still make an effort to keep your home office organized and stocked with everything that you need.

Creating a clean, organized office setup in your home will motivate you to do your job, ten times better.

If the environment around you is de-cluttered you have your office essentials (a desk, computer, pens, notebook, etc.) you’re bound to get more work done in a shorter amount of time.

We’re pretty sure that efficiency is included in every firm’s business culture.

Influence Your Work Culture at Home

The times are constantly changing and pushing us to improve, adapt and overcome any business challenges that come our way.

Instead of worrying about being disconnected to your firm and its culture, inspire yourself to whatever it takes to keep your business’s culture alive, even when you’re not physically working in the office.

Let us know if our tips helped you influence your firm’s culture while you’re working from home, on our website!

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