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5 Great Motivational Podcasts

Updated: May 25, 2020

Podcasts give their listeners the ability to tune-in to free high-quality audio content without having to dedicate time to read or watch a video. No matter your location or what you’re doing, you can dive into any topic. Through the power of podcasts you’re able to get inspired, stay educated, optimize your personal and professional growth to move forward in your career. Podcasts provide a great way to listen to experts within various industries and sectors. The five podcasts listed below cover a variety of topics and uplift not only yourself but your productivity. Have a listen and see if they help you get motivated in these unusual times.

1. Mental Illness Happy Hour The Weekly podcast is hosted by comedian Paul Gilmartin and provides an uncensored open and honest conversation about a variety of topics ranging from mental illness to negative thinking. Whether you suffer from a mental illness or not, the podcast will have you leaving with a laugh. It’s similar to therapy, except better!

2. The Minimalist The hosts, Joshua Fields and Ryan Nicodemus, offer meaningful conversation about the true value of life with having less. The podcast is thought-provoking, motivating, and funny. Not only do they have a podcast, but also several books, a documentary, and a blog. Minimalism has many different definitions for different people. This podcast displays that and expresses how to minimize untidiness of all aspects of life and realize the important things. 

3. The Art of Charm There is no other lifestyle podcast like it. With the help of cohost, AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak, enhance your business and relationship building skills by listening to different companies' coaches. Through providing ample perspectives with interesting interviews, The Art of Charm is an in depth business savvy experience. 

4. How I Built This Guy Raz, the host, tells the stories of the world’s best known companies. Produced by NPR, the podcast presents pivoting career changing stories and encouragement for all. The riveting stories of people shared all come from diverse backgrounds sharing their tipping points and struggles to becoming successful. How I Built This is a highly addictive listen that gives professionals the behind the scenes of the reality of what it actually takes to build the businesses that are changing the world. 

5. The Ziglar Show. This professional podcast aims to help listeners gain something bigger than themselves. Kevin Miller, the host, and his guests talk about professional performance, business, and the principles Zig Ziglar. Ziglar was a motivational speaker and specialist in personal development training for small businesses. He’s the father of the “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want” legacy. Kevin Miller is able to take the great message of Ziglar and further relate it to the audience on many different levels. The great interviews with inspirational people will always have you leaving with a take-away.

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