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Are You Monitoring Your Own Well Being?

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Emotions are a natural part of being a human being. Everyone gets moody. Everyone gets sad. Everyone has their off days. Some days you’re going to feel as if you’re on top of a mountain and are the king/queen of the world. Emotions come in a cycle. Mental health is important because it influences your thoughts, the way you act, and emotions. This can conflict with the health of your relationships, your life, and job.

Mood tracking and monitoring is a psychology technique that is meant to improve one's mental health in a positive way. Put simply, the person is to record how they feel. And this works best, by setting specific time intervals. This will help one see and identify the various moods you have. Monitoring your mood gives you a better understanding of your emotions and helps you manage them and feel better quicker.

Here are some easy ways to ensure you take care of yourself in a working from home environment:

Communicate with your Team Regularly!

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your team on a regular basis! A virtual office place doesn’t have to feel virtual. For remote workers being out of a physical setting can feel lonely. Loneliness equates to poor outcomes with mental health and your productivity towards your work. Engaging with your team is encouraged! Whether you’re on a Zoom conference or on a group phone call, connecting with your team will not only strengthen your mental health but also the relationships and bonds. Schedule a required virtual team meeting for all your team members to connect. These virtual meetings will ensure everyone feels included. Use that time to brainstorm and bounce ideas to one another or to present your point-of-view on a subject. Take the lead on the measures of engaging with your team and communicate more effectively.

Office Equipment

To have a more office setting vibe, you must first have the right equipment. Do you have the proper keyboard, mouse, and applications? If the answer to any of these is no, are you able to make a request to your employer? Again, don’t be afraid to reach out!

Make Personal Time

Though you’re confined to your home, schedule time to escape away from your work completely. Create a time where you can focus on yourself and on improving your mood. For example, discovering a hobby to work on like gardening or working out. Even simply moving your workspace outside to your back porch can help feel like you’re a part of a bigger community. Working from home equals flexible working hours so take advantage of that. Working remotely gives you the opportunity to build for bonus socializing time. With that extra time, you can do a wide range of things from make yourself a steaming cup of coffee in the morning to face-timing a friend. Make time to interact in ways that you wouldn't be able to during the workweek. Little changes like these can drastically increase your well being in the workplace.

Talk to A Trustworthy Source

Talking to a trusted individual or mentor can help too. Being able to speak with and have someone to talk is an opportunity for support and guidance. Chatting with someone you know may relieve any anxiety or stress you’ve been feeling. When you feel as though you’re going through something it can increase the sense of isolation or loneliness to an already unnerving situation. By having a trusted individual, you won’t feel so alone. Some companies may have services to contact with the current climate.

Taking care of your well being is incredibly important and essential, while remotely working from home in the midst of COVID-19. In order to “flatten the curve” or contain the virus, society must social distance. While working from home, monitoring your well being and physical health will ensure a better quality work experience and job well done. You’re not alone, reach out to your team!

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