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Legal Career Opportunities

Are you seeking a job in the legal industry, but having trouble finding something that attracts you?

At CarterJay Legal, we’re the legal employment agency who cares about our clients and their professions.

We strive to find a path that suits you and that you’re passionate about.

CarterJay Legal takes a long-term approach to recruitment to not only find a job that you care about, but a career that you can thrive in.

Legal Career Options

There are various legal career options in the industry that an individual could choose from, but finding these on your own can be tough.

CarterJay Legal provides our candidates with helpful resources, right on our website for your own convenience at any time.

We understand how stressful job hunting can be and we do whatever it takes to make the process simpler and better for you.

Here are some current legal careers that you can browse:







Real Estate

Tax (Private Client & Corporate Tax)

Keep in mind that the specific legal roles in these industries change and vary from time to time, based on what’s currently needed.

If you have any questions about what each one is about, visit our Legal Jobs and Opportunities webpage.

Legal Skills You Need to Be Successful

Like most professions, the legal industry is fast-paced and competitive, but also requires knowledge, desire and experience.

Legal professionals need to understand the industry that they’re working for, have the ability to endure longer work hours, and maintain a sense of empathy for each client.

Aside from the technical skills that you will gain, there is a need for soft skills. Some of these will vary dependent on whether you spend your time in court or drafting documents, but each one has its advantages.

Verbal Communication

As a legal professional, you’re going to talk a lot and your words will be taken literally, most of the time.

Listening carefully, understanding legal terminologies, conveying information in logical terms, and communicating persuasively are the most fundamental aspects of a legal professional.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to advocate your position in many cases, so practice speaking in a compelling manner, but don’t be too pushy.

Professional Writing

Most professions require great writing skills, and the legal industry is no exception.

From simple emails to complex legal documents, professionals will need to master the grammatical and mechanical aspects of writing in English.

Being clear and concise is useful here, too.

Very few legal professionals use adjectives to write emotionally. Logical, analytical and clear is the way to write in this industry.

Customer Service

You’re going to be dealing with clients of all sorts in any legal profession, as this is a client-focused industry.

Keeping your composure along with staying honest, empathetic, and professional are the traits that’ll build lasting client relationships.

Logical Reasoning

You’re probably going to need to review large volumes of complex documents and information, so having an analytical mind, rather than an emotional one, is key.

Problem-solving skills will also give you the ability to efficiently and effectively draw inferences and conclusions in all of your cases.


Knowing how to research and find concepts, case laws, judicial options, statues, regulations and other legal information is important.

Researching similar situations will also help you outline and build your own cases.

Having the proper skills to legally cite and interpret statutory topics and understanding how to use research software applications will be helpful in your research.

Time Management & Organization

Staying organized and managing your time well, go hand-in-hand.

Legal professionals need to stay organized in order to efficiently sort through large volumes of data, documents, exhibits, files, and evidence.

You will likely be under constant pressure and a larger workload, so developing a strong work ethic, while being able to multitask and stay organized is paramount to your success.

Dealing with Difficulties, Pressure & Stress

Many legal professionals give up early on in their careers because they’re always dealing with problems and conflict.

Try not to bring your work home with you by developing some coping techniques, and you should be well on your way to a great legal career.

Some helpful coping skills include:

● Focusing on the real issues of the topic, rather than the conflict and disagreements;

● Resolving issues and mediating with unhappy people in difficult situations;

● Being empathetic to your clients and letting everyone involved in the situation be heard.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The legal profession isn’t a one-man team, even if you’re a sole practitioner.

Relying on your support staff and teaming up with experts, vendors and co-counsels to effectively deliver your services will be necessary when you have multiple clients.

Be openminded and have the ability to collaborate with others who have similar goals.

Above anything else, legal professionals need to build relationships with both co-workers and clients in order to prosper in the industry.

Legal Career Consultants

At CarterJay Legal, we are dedicated to our clients. We understand how tough it can be to job hunt and find a role that’s right for you.

The legal recruiting experts at CarterJay Legal make it as easy as possible to find a career path that you enjoy and are good at, because we want you to succeed, too.

If you’d like to talk about your next legal career, feel free to contact us on our website or at 07834 436 775.

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